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Panic Afterwards Productions

Panic Afterwards is a production company focused on the Television industry. We provide solutions that work for today’s digital world by integrating them with “real” world connections to your target audience… and help them become loyal fans.

Our team has experience in tech startups, sales and marketing, supply chain management and of course, the entertainment industry.

Our current launch project is Fan Gear First.

The first and only subscription box dedicated to the Television Industry that excites, informs, and gives back. If you’re a producer or studio, find out more here. If you’re a Television Industry professional and would like to get the monthly subscription box, find out more by clicking here.

Why the name, Panic Afterwards?

Our founder’s father used to tell her to keep going, solve the problem and then you can panic afterwards. This has suited her well over the years, averting disasters on her sailboat and other misadventures. Mostly, it’s the collective drive of our team that stays on task until the job is done, then we panic with a few adult beverages…

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